Pictures: Chelsea Train Ahead Of Scunthorpe Clash – Guess Who Wore A Mask + Hiddinks Instructing Cahill

FA Cup training

Ahead of their Champions League clash against Scunthorpe, Chelsea have kicked off preparation in earnest and it involved  a spat between the Samba born stars Oscar and Costa. Just kidding, the aforesaid incident has since been put behind the players.

After failing woefully to defend the Premier title with the torturous start, they have resigned to winning the FA Cup which present their best opportunity at winning a title and earning them some pride. Hiddink revealed in the press conference yesterday that the FA Cup is a target that is achievable for him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea have been criticised for failing to star their youngsters, but the Dutch manager revealed too in the press conference that there is a chance that he will involve the youngsters. Three key players in the mould of Loic Remy, Eden hazard and Monaco bound Radamel Falcao are yet nursing injuries and will not be part of the game.

The FA Cup spring surprises and this must be taken seriously. We bring you very few pictures of Chelsea in training ahead of the Scunthorpe game.

FA Cup training

FA Cup training 4

FA cup training 3

FA Cup training 2